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St. Irene church

You visit the church of Agia Irini, (St. Irene)on the outskirts of Sougia. Walk up to the end of the village to the port (on the west). From here the asphalt road starts which takes you to Chania. Going along this road you will come across a dirt road on your left which goes uphill above Sougia.

The mountainside is covered in pine trees, and as you climb you’ll find yourself stopping more and more often to admire the view of Sougia and the blue sea from above .

After half an hour’s hiking you will come across a small but beautiful byzantine church of of Agia Irini .If you have a four wheel motion jeep you can get there but believe me , the view, the beauty and the peace of the place will make up to you for the sweat of the hiking.
Note that on May 5 a great festival is held here with food and singing.

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