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Enjoy the breath of the sea at Lotos Seaside Hotel…

Sougia, a dream destination

Sougia is a small seaside village located on the southern coast of western Crete, in the prefecture of Chania, 60 km from the city of Chania.
The purpose of the regular visitors of this village has always been…

  • Swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Libyan Sea.
  • Sunbathing under the hot sun of southern Crete.
  • Free camping on the beach with friendly companionship.
  • Hiking in beautiful trails.
  • Relaxing vacation.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view from LOTOS BALCONY!

Well, this is the place in the prefecture of Chania that can offer you such a vacation.

In general, this is a quiet place, but if you visit it on a weekend in the mid-summer, you will probably find enough people, since it is a favorite place among the residents of the prefecture of Chania for their excursions.

For this reason if you like to stay at Sougia of Crete you have to make a hotel accommodation or room accommodation early enough. Especially if you like a good room, like Lotos Rooms, don’t let it for last minute accommodation.

Prices start at: 50 per night

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Prices start at: 45 per night

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Prices start at: 30 per night

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The beach is quite long (a little more than a kilometer), and it may seem empty to you, even the weekends or holidays, when there are many people.

If you seek comfort, the beach is organized with umbrellas and sun beds in front of the cafes and taverns.

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Hospitality is a way of life for us

Sougia rooms are by far the preferred accommodation in Sougia Crete. Most of the rooms for rent in Sougia Crete are “family hotels” but have generally high standards. Most Sougia rooms for rent are like beautiful small hotels, having up to 7 or 10 rooms in total. Although you will not find in Sougia the amenities of 4-star or 5-star hotels but the locals are well known for their Crete filoxenia (hospitality) and we are sure that you will be totally satisfied when you have make an accommodation in a room in Sougia of Crete.

Enjoy your stay to the fullest extend!

To be satisfied with Sougia Crete rooms for rent it has to be also with what you are looking for.

When you search for your room to stay in Sougia Crete, you must take under consideration some facts in order to find the best accommodation for your needs.

First of all, if you like to admire the sea and fill the ocean breath, the best choice is Lotos Seaside Rooms. Have balconies just in front the Libyan Sea and almost you can stretch out your hand and ‘touch’ the sea from your very room!

Private bathroom & Air Condition

Concerning individual bathroom, practically all of the rooms for rent in Sougia and in Crete generally provide a separate bathroom with shower. The other thing that you must have a look is about air condition. Today’s the most of the rooms in Sougia Crete provides air conditioning. This that you must ask is, if it is in the price of the room. If you visit Sougia in June, spring or autumn, you most possibly will not have to use the air condition, as the climate in Sougia is very mild and swimming is also very pleasant in Sougia beach. If you rent a Standard Double Room, or a Superior Double Room or a Three Beds Room or a Single Room at Lotos Seaside Hotel, you have not to pay extra for the air condition. The use of the autonomous air condition that Lotos Seaside Hotel provides is in the price.

LOTOS for Sea Lovers,

In order to make your stay in Sougia as enjoyable as possible, it is good to know some more information regarding Sougia rooms.
Rooms in Sougia are not too many and is better to have taken care about your stay and make your accommodation before you come by internet or by phone call.

First of all, the time period that you come to Sougia is very important – as is true with almost all of the places in Crete. As rooms in Sougia, family hotels, are not too many, it is better if you like to come the period between July 15 and August 20, to take care about your stay and make your accommodation before you come by internet or by phone call, don’t let it for last minute accommodation. In summer weekends, lots of locals come to stay here, and it is difficult to find a good room in Sougia, so make your accommodation before come and stay.

Romantic Views from LOTOS Balcony!

Regarding location, possibly the best part of Sougia village to find a room to stay is on the famous Sougia beach. There is a variety of good Sougia rooms that are located on the wonderful beach. Lotos Seaside Rooms are located just by the sea. Lotos Rooms balconies are in front the Libyan Sea and I think that there is nothing more beautiful than to see the moon rising from the sea while you are sitting and enjoy your drink at the balcony of Lotos. The decor is minimal, beautiful, with nice colors. Decoration is completed with very nice pictures by the International photographer Nikos Basias. The staff very friendly and comfortable giving you that information you need. Parking is around the Lotos Rooms and also at 30 meters you can leave your car free of charge. The Wi Fi excellent. Your holidays at Lotos Seaside Rooms will be unforgettable!